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     Before you buy a stair lift, a scooter, a power wheelchair, a lift chair, a VPL(porch lift), an adjustable bed, a hospital bed, or a mattress, visit our local stores and compare price, quality, guarantee, service & delivery! At Electropedic, we are dedicated to helping you find the right product and model that best fits your budget, age, weight, height, physical and environmental conditions. Our staff is friendly, honest, knowledgeable and very experienced in helping people find the best mobility solution for your mobility problem.

  • Ask about our Lifetime Service Promise: If your product ever becomes inoperable, we will always try to offer you service by the next business day.

  • Ask about our Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty: On all of the new or used we sell, after your original parts warranty expires, Electropedic will charge you its cost for the parts.

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Stair Lifts Stair Lifts
Used Stair Lifts Used Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts


     Regain independence over your staircase and restore access to your entire home! Electropedic star lifts are a mix of stylish design, high-quality functionality and ease-of-use operation. Discover why Electropedic receives the best stair lift reviews of any vendor on the market!

Scooters Scooters
Used Scooters Used Scooters

Mobility Scooters

       Mobility scooters are durable, high performance, and energy efficient! Scooters are a perfect match for those seeking to maintain an active lifestyle, all while requiring only minimal maintenance. Comfort comes with the convenience of true portability on that include a stylish captain’s seat, an infinite adjustable tiller at your fingertips, and a convenient USB charging port right on board!  
Power Wheelhairs Power Wheelhairs
Used Power Wheelhairs Used Power Wheelhairs

Power Electric Wheelchairs

       Electropedic offers a wide range of power chair solutions that are built for the real world! From easily portable power wheelchairs, to robust heavy duty models; you will find a power chair to suit anyone's needs. With superb construction, unparalleled maneuverability and ease of operation, it's no wonder the Electropedic power chairs are America's favorite power chair! Nothing compares to everyone’s favorite selection of power chairs! Choose Electropedic for reliable power chair performance every time!  
Power Wheelhairs
Used Auto Lifts Used Power Wheelhairs

Auto Lifts

       Electropedic knows that mobility scooters and power wheelchairs can be a pain to transport if you're not using an auto lift. With Electropedic's large selection of auto lifts, it's easy to maintain your active lifestyle! Choose Electropedic for convenient easy to use auto lifts every time!  
Lift Chairs Lift Chairs
Used Lift Chairs Used Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs


    Electropedic lift chairs combine comfort, gorgeous fabrics and a rich upscale look for ultimate relaxation! Are you looking for a power lift chair that is tops in style and performance? Look no further than Electropedic's selection of power lift chairs! Electropedic power lift chairs can be a functional and fashionable part of your home décor. Every Electropedic lift chair is built for quality and reliability, offering worry-free enjoyment for many years to come. No matter what style of lift chair you might enjoy, Electropedic has a model that will meet your specific needs. With so many styles, colors and materials available, it's no wonder Electropedic is America's #1 lift chair vendor! Depending on your eligibility and medical necessity, Electropedic lift chairs may qualify for partial reimbursement under certain Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance programs.

VPLs & Porch Lifts VPLs & Porch Lifts
Used VPLs Used VPLs

Porch Lifts (VPLs)


     With Electropedic's large selection of indoor/outdoor VPLs (porch lifts), there's no need to settle for limited accessibility any longer. Electropedic VPLs (porch lifts) are dependable, offer a smooth quiet ride, and are virtually maintenance free. Electropedic understands that a traditional VPL (porch lift) might not be an option for everyone, and a VPL (porch lift) may be more convenient or affordable for those with a wheelchair, power chair, or scooter to access all the levels where you live.

Adjustable Beds Adjustable Beds & Mattresses
Hospital Beds Hospital Beds
Used Beds Used Beds

Adjustable Beds, Hospital Beds & Used Beds

     Because everyone wants a good night's sleep, you know the value of speaking with experts who have decades of experience! Since 1964 Electropedic has offered a large selection of adjustable beds and hospital beds to fit every need! And, Electropedic still does things the old-fashioned way! When you call Electropedic at (800) 727‑1954, you'll speak with a live knowledgeable expert how has decades of experience behind them. Call (800) 233‑7382 now!

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